Meet Dylan!

By Saroj Spickett
November 18, 2020

Riding the wave of environmental activism is Dylan, our Communications Specialist! When he’s not studying and reforming the small-scale fishing industry, he’s lending us his brain or surfing in eternally sunny California. With fingers in many international pies, perhaps he could find time in his busy schedule to lend us some sun!

So, how did this cool surfer-dude end up in our midst? It all began in the far-away land of Sweden, where Dylan and Squawk Squad CEO, Owain, pursued their environmental studies courses abroad. Changing his flip flops for snow boots wasn’t ‘the one’ and Dylan decided he preferred the sunnier climes of Cali. He returned to align everyone’s chakras by teaching yoga classes. But there was something niggling; a need to address the environmental issues that he could see unfolding around him. A surfer, swimmer and professional water-baby, Dylan wanted to preserve his intimate relationship with the ocean. It was then that he went fishing for his current Masters course... and they took the bait!

Now enrolled as a Masters student at University of California, Dylan has left his icy Sweden days behind him and is focussed on providing scientific solutions for small-scale fisheries in rural Brazil. Working alongside the World Wildlife Fund, he’s building educational packs that provide information on the ecology of fish stock which will lead to sustainable fishing. For Dylan, the first step is to enrich the fisheries’ ecological knowledge with new and emerging science. Only then can you provide accessible solutions!

Now you’re just fishing for compliments, mate!

When he’s not addressing the problems of illegal fishing, you’ll find Dylan voluntarily imparting his environmental wisdom at a primary school. What he’s noticed (which is great for us Squawkers,) is that kids are universally excited to learn about the environment in an interactive way. We have to drive change outside the system and turn people’s love of their environment into a solution.

“Seriously, this guy is perfect for us. Get him on speed dial!”

And that’s when Dylan left Cali for the land of the long white cloud and embarked on an epic roadie with Owain. As well as filling their days with mountain biking, hiking and wild swimming (seriously, does this guy ever take a day off?!) they called into schools en route. Dylan got a taste for this Squawk Squad biz! Back in Cali, he began writing lesson plans, inventing wicked competitions and creating more interactive things for the kids to get excited about. So, you can understand why we wanted to keep him on board! A 21-hour time difference is but a mere inconvenience.

So there you have it; our international man of mystery. Work could take Dylan to Brazil, Tahiti or Indonesia, but that’s no problem for us Squawkers. We’ll see you on the flipside, dude, and remember to bring some of that killer homemade kombucha with you!

And Zen.

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