3rd March 2021: "How Best to Accelerate an Environmental Movement?" - article

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Meet Dylan!

Riding the wave of environmental activism is Dylan, our Communications Specialist! When he’s not studying and reforming the small-scale fishing industry, he’s lending us his brain or surfing in eternally sunny California. With fingers in many international pies, perhaps he could find time in his busy schedule to lend us some sun!

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Meet Ryan!

Introducing Ryan, our very own Strategical and Technical Lead! In charge of putting us on the map in a big way, he has all the entrepreneurial know-how to get us to where we want to be!‍

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Meet Siobhan!

Let’s all give a loud squawk for our dynamic and talented Programme Manager, Siobhan! At the age of 23, she’s already ticked off a good chunk of her bucket list. She’s fascinated by marine wildlife, has big plans for environmental change, and absolutely loves a caravan! ‍

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