UPDATE - April 2021: These webinar recordings are free and available for classrooms to use (just not hosted 'live' like they were previously). We hope you enjoy!

Our weekly expert webinars are free and available to all classrooms taking part in the programme! These will be live at 11:30am – 12:00pm every Thursday for the duration of the programme, with a different expert each week.

Webinars are where we'll...

  • Announce the winners of the week (remember, there are prizes up for grabs for submitting videos of your call to actions!)
  • Introduce you and your class to awesome experts related to Antarctica and Climate Change
  • Connect with hosts of the programme Siobhan and Owain from Squawk Squad

Experts will align with the topic for the week (beginning with Topic 1 on 30 July), but will be interesting no matter what topic your class is working on at the time (we understand some classes are working through topics out of order and/or starting at different times). The webinar link will be posted in the 'News' section of the website weekly, and we'll send you an email reminder. It’s a good idea to reserve this time each week to correspond with the faces behind the content. Our team is so excited to engage directly with you and your students!

Can't make this time? We are recording every webinar and will post post it right here on the Webinar page so you can watch at another time!

You'll be able to:

  • Tune in directly from your classroom via this Zoom link
  • Ask questions to the experts (Squawk Squad hosts will select the best questions and ask on classroom's behalf)
  • Be inspired by real experts!

Weekly Highlights