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Squawk Squad
Top Pick!
Senior studio
Year Level:
Missf Holdsworth
Marotiri School
Topic 4: Brilliant Biodiversity!
predators were caught
We designed and made our own Magpie trap, to help relocate these pesky critters who often swoop down and land on our doorstep, poop, squawk, peck and preen themselves on our backdoor..... Then there are the mice that sneak into our class to keep warm at night (after all who can resist the delicious smell of yesterdays lunches from all those kiddos?)... to date we have only managed to snap 5 pesky field mice and 2 sneaky magpies managed to jump of the trap after gobbling up the crackers (we might need to iterate the height of the trap) the concept is simple the magpies jump in and then are unable to fly our as their wingspan is wider than the opening... more work needed on that!

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