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Year Level:
Donna Hossack
Topic 8: Wicked Waste
bits of rubbish were picked up.
We have had a busy week learning all about waste! We ... - Found a fantastic book in the library which talked about the different kinds of waste and also gave examples on how to repurpose them! - Made lots of crafts utilizing 'waste' items around the house. - Added to the compost pile - paper, garden waste, food waste etc - and dug through the old pile to see how things had decomposed. - Learnt about our local recycling system and what can't be recycled. - Turned some of our fabric waste into hair accessories, ropes for activities/play and lots of ties ready for the garden! - Went through our paper recycling and turned some of our old paper waste into new sheets of paper! Lots of fun, and we plan to turn some of the sheets into book marks along with some of our new fabric ties. - Went for a walk and picked up 131 pieces of rubbish! We discovered a plastic bag that didn't look that old but had been there so long that a tree root had grown over it, pinning it to the ground. This was a sad visual reminder about how plastic never goes away, as the root was now very big and we couldn't remove the plastic :-( - Visited PÅ«kaha National Wildlife Centre, another showcase of Aotearoa's brilliant biodiversity! We were able to see why managing our waste is so important to our native flora and fauna.

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