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Squawk Squad
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Kiwi Room 4
Year Level:
Katharina Kiefer
Korokoro School
Topic 8: Wicked Waste
bits of rubbish were picked up.
Initially we had only a shot amount of time to do the rubbish collection with a follow up of a waste audit but this has truely moved the students and lunch time rubbish clubs have been organised by students themselves. We have been shocked to find more rubbish in places we had tidied up the previous day. Even while driving in a bus to the pool students collected rubbish they found stuck between seats and the whole class created posters to remind other students to be more mindful around producing more waste and littering. A problem has been identified that the wind and full rubbish bins aren't a great combination. We will take this call for action into the next term. Great that it wasn't just a one off clean-up but students are absolutely hooked onto making a change.

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